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 Naruto Ultimate Battles Collection - 2009

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PostSubject: Naruto Ultimate Battles Collection - 2009   Naruto Ultimate Battles Collection - 2009 EmptyTue Jul 14, 2009 10:50 pm

Naruto Ultimate Battles Collection - 2009 722c200c1824



1. Naruto Of battle Of arena 2
Not bad toy for it is sanitary “”. In this game you battle by one of the characters of anime against others. To you are accessible not only To -, but also To - of individual characters, as, for instance, Chidori in Kakashi and Saske, shady clones and call of the king of toads in Naruto and other special technicians from the anime. Furthermore possible they by commands. This game is required thing, for each fan Of naruto.

2. Naruto Of little Of fighter 2
Still one game about on PC with the possibility to play on the Internet!!! It is how much on RS of ? Some will say that they were very long on Of mortal Of combat' and other representatives are a little bit worse than “”. All “clogged” on comp.s, remained only homemade products from whom it feels sick or still worse. But happened an exception to the rule!!! Before us Little Of fighter 2!!! I for long passed it on the disks of different play periodicals, but once during one excellent day, when all games tired to me at once, I wrote down Little Of fighter 2. in the menu me immediately several regimes of game (VS of mode, Stage of mode, 1v1 Of battle, 2v2 Of battle, Battle of mode). Well, I immediately included VS MODE, after thinking that this is the same , I revealed to my surprise that it is possible to fight with 7 enemies, well I incised all, selected for itself at random character and began to play… and lost to 3 hours of night!!! First impressions - “ STEEPLY!!! ”, “AS IT IS GAY!!! ”, “SHOWN MUST BE”!!! Emotions and adrenaline splashed out by large portions!!! In the game only of 10 characters, but still the heap of the characters of secret, in some of them possible they usual, while in others is possible in a secret manner or rudolf'o. In the game the character for each will be located. These are - is three Of davis, Dennis and Woddy. Also quick tempered Fairen, which covers its enemies by fire, Frezze - “sovereign of ice”, archer Henry, Deep manage sword, Rudolf - , MAG (high-power aerosol generator) Of john. Each character has his characteristics “the distance of thrust”, “distance and the height of leap”, “the speed of run” “the rate of attack”. Drawing in game 2d, but very dear (because of it in the game many ridiculous moments). All flat and small (name of game it forces), but everything are drawn with the enormous carefulness, each rivet on the armor Of louis or in Davis'a fold on the clothing is visible. Only of levels appear , although is exceptions - volcano and the Chinese wall of very biting they are made. All sounds in the game remarkable, there are no censures whatever. All sound as , all - Bachs on the spot. In the game generally there is no music, there is only victorious and . Game is thought out with the large carefulness, but there are (i.e., surprises), sufficiently carbon monoxide. In LF2 can they even baby, all can it will be formed into “”, and in order to make specialist, then it is not necessary to press on 9 keys, it is sufficient 3rd keys in order to use all impacts in the game! It is possible to make from several “super”, let us allow in Davis'a it is possible three times to strike, to make Strafe, and in the end Strafe'a it tosses up enemy and then it is possible him to finish by two (if it transports, then one). In some “” is additional impacts instead of the standard three- in Davis'this two impacts, that toss up upward, in Woody this salto, after which it is possible to make tiger of dash, John it tosses up by its rod of enemy, and then it is possible to jump and to harvest impact, and it still effectively by stick. Game managed without to , to apparently the property “of ”. In the game there is a regime “Of stage Of mode”, in it on you the heaps of enemies are piled up, you them , at the end each level there is its boss. In all levels are 5th this “forest”, “prison”, “Chinese wall”, “volcano” and “soaked”. In the game there is its weapon - this baseball of bit, tennis ball, the Kama or sickle, stone, box, boomerang, and the icy sword, which can make Freeze. In the game it is possible to play with the friends (to the 4th persons) or on the network (to by the eighth of men). If you bring to the perfection your craftsmanship, then you have they will come out laughable oddities ( on the personal experience). To , as steep to play with the friends, I will not be, but I will say that we already entire year hang on LF2. If game will be further developed, graph it will be they will be improved and they will appear new characters, then in it there can be large future. It is shorter, I recommend by all, even fact, who to the spirit does not transfer !!!

3. Naruto Of ninja Of world Of battle 2
New on the anime “”, is developed specially for “” and fans of series “”. In the second part of the game, also as in the first, there are very many players, 89 players (selected) and 46 arenas. The possibility to play two together for one command it is simple to compete between themselves. There are the new players, whom you not to not in one . All (very strong players), , To , , To … The comedian of game became Homer Simpson and .

4. Naruto Of the Of shinobi Of wars
In the game are present 13 characters, from whom 4 it is necessary to open, to eat the possibility to play a little into the regime Of story. It is possible to play two together not only after one computer, but through the Internet on Ip.

5. Naruto Of shippuden Of battle
Naruto Of shippuden Of battle - well . Although to the form and usual, but are well made the Persians also of technology. In the game are present 25 : , To , , , , , by Lee, Yamato, , To , To , , , To , , , , Payne, , , To , , , , To . Are many rooms, interesting combat, very strong artificial intellects.

6. Naruto Of smashbros Of rumble
Mixed arcade. We here select one of the characters OF ANY ANIME, represented in this game, be it or the tortoise of …

7. Naruto Of street Of battle
This of simple , but here are much more players - about 100, and there are very many maps! Drawing, as on all as on , but very interesting, especially for is sanitary series ! From itself - piece!!!

8. Ultimate Of naruto
Game on the popular anime . Battle in the role of .

9. Naruto Of ultimate Of ninja 2
In the game are more than 30 characters, the stars of the animated tape Of naruto, such as To , , To and To , they will gladden fans into Naruto: Ultimate Of ninja 2. of battle will occur in 16 new locations. In proportion to the passage of game you will be able to earn money and to improve different characteristics of heroes, such as force, protection, endurance, and to also teach new methods and motions. To sharpen your craftsmanship you will be able in the regime Of training.
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Naruto Ultimate Battles Collection - 2009
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